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3D mapping

3D Mapping (also called: 3d projection, 3d laser show, light show, projection show and even a 3d hologram on the building) – this is a projection on a building or other shaped object.

The target object can be any object capable of reflecting light and having a shape: a building facade or other architectural form, an interior item, a car, etc. Video content (usually 3d animation) is playing around with the original object’s plasticity. Animated video clip and 3D-animation are created according to the surface details. As a result, all the effects look exquisitely realistic and the surface gets transformed and becomes animated.

* for a demo video we used the work examples of both the Promo-Promin company and our foreign colleagues.

Any content is individual. For our mapping contents we're using character animation together with geometric transformations.

Mapping is often called simply a light show, which, in general, is not contrary to the truth. On the other hand, a laser show, or, as the party hosts like to announce our installations, a 3D laser show - is a false name, since we use a projector as a projection device, not a laser.

Timeline for making a project:

We need 1-2 months for making content.

With character animation — 3-4 months.

The calculation and preparation of a display complex — 1 month.